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Capitalism in the United States is on its deathbed.  President Obama and billionaire puppeteer George Soros have nearly accomplished their plan to destroy the American dream and replace it with failed Marxist principles for their own despotic purposes.  We can no longer ignore the facts; the redistribution of wealth and the rise of Welfare politics in the US allow for only one inevitable and frightening conclusion: Socialism has arrived in the United States.

The numbers are absolutely staggering and they do not lie.  Welfare has become the norm for more than a third of Americans in the US.  Further, the recipient class continues to grow as President Obama frantically attempts to buy off voters with promises of “free” government money.  He’s trying to win one more election so he might finalize his Marxist plans in his second term.  Along with our national prosperity he will try to take your guns, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.  It is time we draw a line in the sand and demand a return to our Constitutional and Capitalist roots.

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The Welfare state has replaced traditional American values of hard work and the pride that comes from earning a paycheck.  For over 200 years, our country has prospered because hard work was rewarded and slothfulness was punished.  Barack Obama’s Socialist policies have changed all of that.  We are now a country of couch potatoes believing that the lazy should share in the prosperity of those that worked their tails off in order to be successful.

According to a recent US Census survey, over 106 MILLION people in the United States are on some sort of welfare program.  The US Census Bureau states that there are just over 311,000,000 living in the United States.  Therefore, better than one in three Americans is living off of the government dole.

There is no question that some sort of government safety net is required in civilized society.  But the original purpose of welfare has been bastardized the by the political ambitions and machinations of Barack Obama and George Soros.  The more people that join the recipient class and ALLOW themselves to become dependent on welfare, the more power these liberal extremists will have to destroy our Capitalistic society in favor of a Socialist regime.

Click HERE to demand that Congress protect Medicare, Senior Citizens, and Capitalist Values

Did you know that the United States spends nearly a TRILLION dollars EVERY YEAR on welfare programs?!?!   That number is likely to keep climbing as Obama finds new ways for people not to work and “require” government assistance.

But it gets worse.  As you know, Obama recently granted backdoor amnesty to nearly 800,000 illegal immigrants in the United States.  A Washington Times story recently found that nearly 43% of aliens are still on Welfare after 20 years!

Now here’s where you need to put on your thinking hats.  The United States spends nearly a TRILLION dollars on welfare each year; most of that money going to people who can work, but simply choose to eat the government cheese and steal tax dollars from hard working Americans.  That number is likely to rise substantially with Obama’s recent amnesty program.  That program was denounced in Congress time and time again; however, Obama unconstitutionally ignored Congress and created yet another Executive Order to facilitate the creation of the program.

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However, in the President’s Obamacare legislation, he slashes Medicare for seniors by over half a TRILLION dollars!  So senior citizens who have been paying into the Medicare system all their lives are having the programs that THEY ALREADY PAID FOR cut because Obama wants to buy votes in his next election.  Do you think senior citizens should sacrifice in the name of Obama’s political ambitions?!

Shouldn’t we take care of the people who have worked hard all their lives rather than cut their funding so that they we can give money to people who have spent their lives refusing to work?   It is beyond unfair; it is downright criminal to rob from our senior citizens.  At least Jesse James used a mask and a gun; Obama is robbing American taxpayers blind with his rhetoric full of lies.

Click HERE to demand that Congress protect Medicare, Senior Citizens, and Capitalist Values

Ladies and gentlemen, Socialism is here.  The government already owns General Motors and Obama was recently quoted as saying that he wants to do the same in all American industries.  This means that he wants the government to take over the means of production; a Socialist tent pole.

Further, if you think Obama’s stimulus packages were an effort to revive the economy, you are dead wrong.  It was an effort to redistribute wealth in the United States.  And it is working.  In campaign speech after campaign speech Obama is talking about the rich “paying their share”.   This is just a code phrase for wealth redistribution.  Liberals view Obama as Robin Hood; but that is axiomatically untrue.  Robin Hood never stole from the rich; he stole from the GOVERNMENT and gave the money back to the people.  Obama is just the opposite!

We MUST stop this insanity and get America’s fiscal house back in order.  Further, we must demand that Congress foil President Obama’s attempts replace Capitalist principles with failed Marxist ideology.  We MUST tell Congress that we will never accept our senior citizens flipping the bill for those too lazy to work.  Congress must roll back any proposed cuts to Medicare in favor of cuts to Welfare.  It is up to us to heal and revive our Capitalist society; we can’t sit idly by and watch our prosperity be destroyed from within by the political ambitions of a Socialist.  Demand Congress act today!!

Click HERE to demand that Congress protect Medicare, Senior Citizens, and Capitalist Values


Tony Adkins



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