Amnesty for More Than One Million Illegal’s … Including Criminals!

“We feel like the administration is against us and not against those who are violating our laws,” says Chris Crane, President of the National ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) Council.

Desperate to win re-election in November and unable to run on his dismal record, Obama continues to divide America in order to conquer another four years in the White House.

  • To get the gay community’s vote, he went on national television and said he supported same-sex marriage.
  • To get the women’s vote, he accused Republicans of launching a “war on women” and put free birth control in the headlines when he should have been concentrating on our flailing economy.
  • To get the welfare vote, he issued an executive order essentially overturning welfare-to-work requirements that had been painstakingly legislated over a decade ago through a bipartisan Congress.

Now, his focus is on the Hispanic vote. He’s working to get the DREAM Act into law, even expanding the parameters of the original bill, despite the fact that Congress wouldn’t pass it because the American people were so opposed to it.

This new amnesty policy will provide safe harbor to millions of illegal immigrants, including criminals …  and will lead to a “capitulation to lawlessness” according to Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

Fax Congress and Stop Obama’s Amnesty

Senator Sessions calls Obama’s plan “a direct threat to the rule of law and to the demonstrated desire of the American people for a lawful system of immigration. I believe this administration has utilized this policy to basically undermine and negate the ability our local police and immigration officers to do what they have been hired and paid to do.”

Morale among ICE agents is, expectedly, “ in the toilet,” according to a recent report. Crane says “Most of the guys out in the field are just in an uproar.” After all, they really aren’t needed because the Obama administration refuses to let them do what they were hired to do, and they are afraid to speak out against Obama’s policies for fear of losing their jobs.

The Department of Homeland Security will implement the new amnesty plan—also known as “deferred action”—on August 15th.  At that time, illegal immigrants caught using a stolen or fraudulent Social Security number will not be charged with a crime.

Illegal immigrants convicted of felonies or misdemeanors can be allowed to stay.

And anyone who claims they are under thirty and have been in the United States since age 16 will be granted amnesty.

Fax Congress and Stop Obama’s Amnesty

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Sessions says Obama has “debilitated enforcement – placing every officer in a conflict between his duty to enforce the law – and the policies of his supervisors. If this stays in effect, I’d say this ends the ability to have effective border security.”

In fact, more than 1,200 illegal’s whose cases were pending, or who were about to be deported, have been granted the ability to stay. Beginning August 15th, millions more will be able to latch onto the President’s amnesty and avoid deportation—even if they have been convicted of one or more crimes.

Consider the implications of such a plan.  Already, an illegal immigrant who injured an ICE agent during an attempted escape was released because he wasn’t a “priority target!

And in Newark, Delaware, a veteran ICE agent is facing a 3-day suspension because he picked up an illegal immigrant for a traffic violation and found the man had ten previous violations. Under Obama’s orders, the man was not considered a priority and was supposed to be let go. Believing the man was a threat to the community, and wanting to carry out his job of border enforcement, the ICE agent refused. Now, the American citizen agent is facing a suspension and the 35 year-old illegal immigrant has been released.

The American people are going to be increasingly unsafe because of Obama’s shameless pandering. Sure, you or a family member could be killed or injured in an accident involving an illegal immigrant, but traffic violations are just the tip of the iceberg. Consider the time, pain, and expense of having to deal with an illegal immigrant using your Social Security number, as a mother of a 3 year-olds stolen number just discovered.

The Department of Homeland Security has refused to answer questions about Obama’s amnesty order.

Don’t you think we deserve answers? And don’t we deserve a President who keeps us safe and protects American citizens above those who have illegally entered this country?

Fax Congress and Stop Obama’s Amnesty



Tony Adkins

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