ObamaCare Consequences

As Democrats Block The Effort To Repeal ObamaCare, Job Creators Struggle With The Law’s Consequences

‘Excessive Costs And Regulatory Burdens That Threaten Their Very Business’

For Virginia restaurateur “cost of the penalty could put him out of business.” “John Motta, who owns 10 Dunkin’ Donuts in New Hampshire and 10 in Virginia, said he offers workers a choice of two insurance plans and pays half the premiums. He is weighing whether to drop coverage but said the cost of the penalty could put him out of business in Virginia, where his stores are struggling.” (“Small Firms See Pain In Health Law,”The Wall Street Journal, 8/1/12)

National Restaurant Association: “Restaurant owners are looking for solutions that will allow them to provide better health care coverage options for their team members, but they cannot be saddled with excessive costs and regulatory burdens that threaten their very business.” (National Restaurant Association, Press Release, 6/28/12)

Small Businesswoman: ‘ObamaCare Is Making Me Think About Cutting Jobs’

“Randall Tabor, who owns two Quiznos sandwich restaurants in Virginia Beach, Va., once aspired to triple the number of outlets he owns. But after the federal health-care overhaul passed in 2010, Mr. Tabor says, he shelved those plans. The law requires that employers with 50 or more full-time workers provide health insurance to employees by 2014 or pay a penalty. Mr. Tabor, who employs 36 people at his two Quiznos shops and another restaurant, wants to stay small so he doesn’t trigger the requirement. … ‘I don’t have the profit margin to pay for it,’ says Mr. Tabor…” (“Small Firms See Pain In Health Law,” The Wall Street Journal, 8/1/12)

“A Texas pizza restaurant owner has shelved her plans to open a new location because she does not yet know how ObamaCare will impact her business. ‘I want to grow and hire more people, but ObamaCare is making me think about cutting jobs instead,’ Judy Nichols, a Papa John’s pizza restaurant owner said.” (“Texas Pizza Restaurant Owner Not Expanding Or Hiring Because Of Obamacare,” Examiner.Com, 7/30/12)

‘Law Will Add Between $10,000 And $30,000 In Added Annual Costs’ To Restaurant Franchises

“McDonald’s Corp. Chief Financial Officer Peter Bensen told analysts last week that the law will add between $10,000 and $30,000 in added annual costs to each of the 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S., 89% of which are franchisee-owned.” (“Small Firms See Pain in Health Law,” The Wall Street Journal, 8/1/12)


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