Conservative Daily has made you aware that during the month of July in New York, the United Nations has been negotiating an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that will eliminate your Second Amendment rights and eventually require gun registration all across the United States.

The day has arrived. A draft of the treaty was leaked yesterday. Even though it is sometimes vague, the open-ended document, negotiated by countries such as Iran, Syria and Cuba, contains exactly what we thought it would: language that will eventually give the United Nations control over your personal firearms.

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) will destroy our Second Amendment protections if the Senate ratifies it.

You must get the word out to your representative today, NOT TO SIGN THIS TREATY.

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No sane American is going to stand for the United Nations coming in and trampling all over our Bill of Rights.

Allowing Iran to oversee these negotiations is a good example of how misguided, and quite frankly dangerous, the United Nations is. But for many years, the globalists at the United Nations have been working hard, in collusion with their socialist allies in American government, trying to circumvent the Second Amendment so as to control YOUR firearms.

That is why they have no problem letting Iran “oversee” the treaty negotiations. What is even more laughable is that Iran will probably be the first country to violate the very treaty they developed and imposed on other nations! To follow the lead of Iran, Syria, Cuba, or quite frankly, any legislation that has the backing of President Barack Obama, is preposterous.

And to think that a U.N. treaty is going to keep weapons out of the hands of terrorists and dictators is just laughable at best, and dangerous at worst.

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The U.N.’s reason for drafting this treaty is, of course, to help people. It’s all in the name of “human rights,” which is ironic, because anytime the U.N. undertakes such a mission to protect “human rights,” they usually end up trampling on them. This U.N. Small Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is no different.

That is probably one reason Obama is behind it; you know everything he does is for your own good. But it’s interesting how you are no better off than before he took office, right?

“Small arms,” in the UN definition, includes weapons capable of being carried and fired by one person… every rifle you own.

The draft that was just released obligates States to establish “national control systems” to meet the particulars of the treaty. And, where no “law” can be established—say for instance, because something like the Second Amendment exists—the treaty invites new “regulations” on gun ownership.

And, the language makes specific note that the treaty places no limit upon greater gun control efforts within individual nations. That is because the treaty requires each country to enact national legislation sufficient to meet the minimum goals outlined in this treaty. That includes creating gun registries, coordinating background checks, putting controls on imports/exports, and so forth.

There is no protection of the individual’s right to bear arms in this treaty. Instead, the State—all all-knowing, omnipotent government—is given the right to arms ownership in order to maintain internal order. The individual is not.

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Our Second Amendment proclaims that, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Do not be fooled by the sleight of hand given to you by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and those in the mainstream media: This treaty will regulate and eventually confiscate, all of your weapons. It will decimate our Second Amendment. It will give crooks and thugs at the United Nations control over your freedoms and your right to own and operate a firearm.

We don’t have a President in the White House who is interested in defending our Constitution. Obama has proven time and time again he’s willing to tear down the foundations of this country in order to impose his agenda—and his agenda includes handing over our sovereignty to a world body like the United Nations.

The treaty needs to be ratified by the Senate. And remember, the Senate does not have a Republican majority right now so we cannot assume victory that way yet. That is why Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) has introduced S. 2205 (the equivalent House bill is H.R. 4864), a bill that will ensure even if the U.N.’s Treaty is ratified, the United States of America will not have to comply with its provisions because Congress will REFUSE TO FUND IT. S. 2205 will preserve American sovereignty, protect the Second Amendment, and prevent the United Nations from taking your guns!


This is perfect timing for the United Nations. After years of trying to disarm America, they may finally have put together the document that will do just that. And, in the wake of the terrible shooting in Colorado, they may find more sympathetic Senators on board with their plan.

Every time some maniac inflicts tragedy upon us with a gun, anti-gun advocates line up for talk shows, the lobbyists come out of the woodwork, and there is a call for broad gun “reform” and “control.”

Those of us who hold the Second Amendment dear have always argued that the bad guys will find ways to get guns, and any regulation on our Second Amendment rights will only put more guns in the hands of criminals and leave the good guys unarmed.

This treaty promises to do that on a broader scale. Now, not only with individuals within nations be vulnerable and without firearms, the “good-guy” member states will suffer from import/export limitations and regulations, while rogue nations and terrorist outfits continue to do what they need to do to arm themselves.

It’s bad news all around.

We need your help, immediately. Please contact Congress and tell them to refuse to ratify this piece of garbage from the United Nations. This treaty is becoming very real and President Obama has vowed to sign it. We cannot sit back and assume that there is NO WAY we are going to lose our gun rights.


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily

P.S.: Congress is listening to you, because especially in an election year, THEY HAVE TO! We must keep up the pressure and let them know their constituents are very opposed to the U.N. gun takeover. Send your faxes now, before our Second Amendment is destroyed.


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