“The refusal of King George III to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, was probably the prime cause of the revolution.” – Benjamin Franklin, in his autobiography

In order to put sanity back into government and take back the power of our nation, “we the people” need to be on top of our game. The first “action step” is to be informed, because knowledge is power.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is not accurately informing us.

That is why Conservative-Daily.com has retained economist and best-selling author Steven S. Sadleir to put together an 8 week mini-course that will address US financial history, how our economy and banking system are run, what’s really going on in Washington that you will never hear on the news, and what action steps we can take to turn our economy around and bring sanity back to politics.

You will learn how money works, who controls it, and why we suffer.

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In order to reach the most people we are offering the Money & Power course via live teleconference at 10:00 am Pacific (11:00 am Mountain, Noon Central, and 1:00 pm Eastern) every Wednesday starting on August 22nd for 8 weeks. Each class will be recorded on MP3 format so you won’t miss anything and of course, you can listen to it again—and you will want to!

We are offering, for a limited time, a discounted course rate of $47.00 (that’s less than $6.00 per class). After the free introductory call, the price of the course will increase to $55.00, so sign up and take advantage of securing your seat early.  You will also be able to call in and ask Mr. Sadleir any questions you might have.

 Pre-Order The Money & Power Course!

Some of the topics we will address include:

  • A brief history of US banking and the intension of the Founding Fathers
  • Who owns the Federal Reserve and controls the international banking cartel?
  • What caused the “debt crisis”, who was behind it and why did they create it?
  • What does “globalization” mean and is there such a thing as the New World Order?
  • What can be done about the oil crisis and our dependence on foreign oil?
  • How come we don’t get all the facts and our representatives are fixing the problems?
  • What can we do to turn our economy and government around?

Conservative-Daily.com is also featuring a series of articles each week based on Sadleir’s book Money & Power, the Secret History.

A strong America is an informed America. Take the Money & Power course and help return economic sanity to our nation!

Pre-Order The Money & Power Course!


Tony Adkins


P.S. – You are invited to attend a free introductory teleconference with Steven S. Sadleir on Wednesday, August 15th at 10:00am (11:00am Mountain, 12 Noon Central, 1:00pm Eastern). Dial 1 (530) 881-1400 then pin 762617# or Skype freeconferencecallhd.5308811400 pin 762617#.

The 8-week Money & Power Course will begin the following Wednesday, August 22nd at the same time listed above, but you will need to be registered to get the pin code. Sign up today and we will send you the link to the conference next week!


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