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Most warnings you read about Barack Hussein Obama being a dangerous president have to do with his destructive actions toward our Constitution. Every day, he is taking away freedoms from us that we have held dear for over 236 years.

What you may not realize, however, is that Obama is working with the United Nations to dismantle  our system of government—and things are happening quickly on many fronts, right now.

Through a series of treaties, resolutions and conferences taking place between now and December, the United Nations is moving on a variety of fronts to impose laws and regulations upon the United States and ultimately, end our Constitutional rights.

As you read this, the U.N. Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is taking place in New York. This “strategy session” is aimed at decimating your Second Amendment rights.

As usual, the U.N. is being secretive about their ultimate goal of total civilian disarmament. But just the parts they’ve been open about are horrifying. They want, AT A MINIMUM, to:

  • Enact licensing requirements for Americans;
  • Require every country to implement internal tracking of all gun sales within its borders;
  • Confiscate and destroy unauthorized firearms of Americans while allowing the government to keep theirs;
  • Ban the trade, sale and private ownership of semi-automatic guns;
  • Require every country submit its gun control plan to the U.N.;
  • Require every single of round of ammunition to be stamped with a unique serial number.

George Soros and his Media Matters organization, along with Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, are pushing for Congress to agree to the ATT. That means at this very moment, your representative could seriously be considering giving the United Nations control over your gun rights.

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The UN’s General Assembly has declared “that disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation are essential.” And how do you think the UN plans to achieve this? By dismantling our Bill of Rights? By infringing upon the Constitutional freedoms of our sovereign nation? By all means necessary?  Perhaps.

But ending our Second Amendment freedoms is only the tip of the iceberg. Other current activity at the U.N. threatens our property rights, the way we live, our economy, our national defense, and even the freedom we enjoy when we use the Internet.

All of these attempts at control must be stopped.

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Through Agenda 21, the United Nations is working with American cities to promote “sustainability” and protect Mother Earth; a noble goal, in theory, but Agenda 21 is simply a comprehensive way to control how you live your daily life. It will dictate what kind of property you can live on, how many children you have, where, when and how you can travel, what kind of car you drive, whether or not you can fish or hunt and in what location—anything and everything that you do that may possibily affect the environment—which of course, is anything and everything you do—will be under the control of the United Nations.

And George Soros, not surprisingly, has put a lot of money into making sure Agenda 21 gets implemented in cities and towns across America.

The LOST Treaty—again, supported by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton—would give the U.N. control over what the United States does on the sea. That includes fishing, oil and mineral exploration, Navy exercises, and even royalties from drilling activities.

And, if the U.N. didn’t like something we were doing, they could bring a lawsuit against the United States or its businesses (or military!) on behalf of rabid environmentalists!

Jim DeMint (R-SC) said, “This treaty would subordinate American sovereignty to the United Nations, …and act as a backdoor Kyoto Protocol that could allow foreign nations to regulate U.S. energy emissions.”

And then, there is is the threat of Internet control. In December, the U.N. will meet to discuss a proposal from Russia and China to take control of the Internet. The U.N.’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) would become the governor of your Internet activities.

The U.N. Commission on Social Development believes Internet taxation is necessary to support a “social protection floor.” UN Secretary General Frank La Rue says that “facilitating access to the Internet for all individuals, with as little restriction to online content as possible, should be a priority for all States.”

That means wealthy countries—like the U.S.—are going to be called upon to support poorer countries with no Internet access—but you will not get the chance to choose your charitable contribution, you will be forced to sustain the “human right” of Internet access through taxation of everything you do online.

And, since the U.N.’s ITU will be in control of the Internet regulation and taxation, they will also be able to censor what you see, and what you do, online.

Vint Cerf, former chairman of ICANN, said the ITU meeting could lead to “top-down control dictated by governments” that could impact free expression, security, and other important issues. He says, “The open Internet has never been at a higher risk than it is now.”

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Each of these threats is serious on its own, but together they  present a clear and present danger to the sovereignty of the United States of America.

What Barack Obama, George Soros and other one-world government believers cannot do through the power of an elected Congress, they plan to accomplish through treaties and resolutions that the American people have no control over.

As an example of how the U.N. thinks, consider what Peter Sutherland, who heads the U.N.’s Global Forum on Migration and Development, recently told the European Union. He said the EU should “do its best to undermine the homogeneity” of its member states.

The U.N., of course, frowns upon sovereignty and individual cultures. Unless we speak up now, they are going to come chastise us, too, and destroy the fabric of America.

America does not have a friend in the White House. Barack Obama, a strong believer in dismantling the Constitution, is not going to stop the UN in any way. They will be allowed to trample all over the rights of Americans, all in the name of “world peace” and “globalism” and “international relations.”

The storm clouds are gathering, and we must be diligent. Don’t let this past Independence Day be the last in which you can say America was truly “free”—take action now and let your representatives know that you intend to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave—a sovereign and independent nation of God-given rights and liberties.

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P.S. – These alarming U.N. initiatives are not “worse-case scenario” theories—they are very real, and are happening right now as you read this message. Please stand up as a proud American and demand that our representatives protect our Constitution by keeping the United Nations out of our laws; and join the fight to remove Barack Obama from office this November, before we lose our republic.


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