Congress Continues To Wage War In The Media Over Holder

Attorney General’s future by no means certain as remedies still exist for activists

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It was mere hours following late June’s historic vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress that the Justice Department sprang to his aid.

There would be no criminal charges filed, they said. No grand jury convened. No indictments. No legal consequences whatsoever.

In short, the Justice Department shrugged its shoulders at Congress and said, “You’ve had you’re fun. Now what?”

Now what indeed. Strident, Leftist Democrats took the expected road and declared there’s been a witch hunt in going after Holder, one whose ultimate target was actually President Barack Obama in an election year. They’ve been having more than a little success.

On July 1, White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew told CNN, “This administration has been the most transparent ever.”  Really?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued a widely-quoted press release on July 6 in which he blasted Republicans with the witch hunt card: “Instead of focusing on jobs, House Republicans are pursuing a political witch hunt against the Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder.”

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If you take away the hyperbole, there’s actually some truth for which the Democrats would rather you not consider. Why shouldn’t a sitting President face sanctions when he refuses to hold an obviously law-breaking employee accountable? One can be certain that the mainstream media would have forced ANY Republican president to abandon ANY Republican Attorney General by this point.

Reid went on to say, “I support Attorney General Holder, who has done an outstanding job” while black Democrats are screaming Republican racism, again with some success.

Many Republicans are now trying to counter by building “upstream momentum” with that same media to force matters to a head before the election.

Their success has been limited at best. On July 3rd, the Orlando Sentinel limply opined “… a priority remains: to get to the bottom of the terrible mistakes made in the [Fast and furious] operation” and that Obama’s action “adds to suspicion that the White House and Justice Department are hiding something.” Most of the rest of the media is simply reporting who is saying what while continuing their wait-and-see activity.

Other Republicans know they can’t count on the mainstream media or Obama’s Justice Department for the nation to be satisfied that accountability has been served. For that, grassroots activism, in both the House and the Senate, is needed now more than ever.

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Thankfully, there are elected officials who can use the power of their positions to focus that activism.

In the Senate, a July 2 letter from Iowa’s Sen. Chuck Grassley has officially given the Justice Department and Holder until July 17th to come clean about who knew what when and turn over relevant documents.

When the DoJ balks, as they will, what happens next will likely turn on continued expressions of outrage by American citizens.

Over in the House, all is not lost, either. H. Res. 490, a resolution expressing the official sense of Congress that it has lost confidence in the Attorney General, is still in play.

Because H. Res. 490 contains no actual legal sanctions, some conservative activists are dismissing it as an empty gesture. That is a mistake in analysis, for one simple fact:


17 Democrats voted to find Holder in contempt, and doing so hasn’t hurt their election chances at all. On the contrary, they have accounted for ROUGHLY ONE IN NINE OF CAMPAIGN DOLLARS expended by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee over the past few years.

That’s mainly because they are in swing districts, to be sure, but it is proof positive that the Democrat machine does not consider being on record against Holder an impediment.

It gets worse for Obama when you consider that 7 of the 17 have refused to commit to even attending the Democratic National Convention, and one has said he can’t endorse Obama at all.

Thus, keeping up the pressure on Holder keeps the pressure on Obama.. The more rats desert the ship, the shakier his position to continue to protect Holder, and the greater the chances that his leadership will implode before the elections.

Our best vehicle for that pressure right now is H. Res. 490. Even Democrats have cosponsored the resolution! There are now a full 114 cosponsors.

Please act now to drive the nail that is H. Res. 490 into the heart of Obama’s Justice Department!


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily

P.S.:  Unless we continue to press, Holder and the Obama administration will emerge unscathed! Please act today!


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