Attorney General Eric Holder Plays Congress Like A Fiddle

Contempt vote in jeopardy because he “talked about” documents

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There must be something physically wrong inside the brain of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA). As the Chair of the House Oversight Committee, he literally had U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder against the ropes twice in the last week.

Both times he caved, the latest being yesterday.

Holder was facing a contempt vote unless he produced numerous documents that had ALREADY BEEN SUBPOENAED BY CONGRESS.

In what can only be described as a smirky yet apparently effective move, Holder requested a “meeting” with Issa.

In that 20-minute meeting, Holder produced no documents. He simply talked about them, effectively blowing smoke up Issa’s ass.

“The deadline will always move to the last minute,” Issa told reporters after the meeting. “We’re not looking to hold people responsible. We’re looking for document production.”

Conservative Daily insists that we SHOULD be looking to hold people, especially Attorney General Eric Holder, responsible! And Earth To Idiot: Mr. Issa, you STILL don’t have the documents!

Socialist Democrats and their liberal allies in the media must be cackling with glee. Issa is starting to look like a bumbling fool right out of a Mark Twain novel. How else to describe one day away from a contempt vote, an ultimatum to produce documents, and a 20-minute “talk” about the—still undisclosed—documents resulting in “we’re not looking to hold people responsible?’

Click here to insist that Congress stand firm and hold Eric Holder in contempt!

America wants, and needs, a genuine up-or-down vote against Holder for contempt of Congress. Period.

Your efforts have not been in vain. Had they been, liberal Democrats and their buddies in the mainstream media would long ago have swept this under the rug, as they have so many other scandals involving their socialist buddies.

Now is NOT the time to give up! Now is the time to hit Congress—ESPECIALLY SELL-OUT REPUBLICANS LIKE REP. DARRELL ISSA—with all we’ve got!  We have to hit them HARD.

They have listened and they will listen. But if America goes silent, they’ll look for the easy out so as not to be accused of witch-hunting before an election.

We simply can’t let Holder off the hook!!

Please act now by clicking here, or all of our efforts may end up being useless.


P.S.:  We can’t let Rep. Issa and other Republicans roll over now that Holder is backed into a genuine corner! Please click here to keep up the pressure!



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