Click HERE to demand Congressional action in the form of binding legislation that will REQUIRE President Obama to act on congressionally enacted Federal laws

There he goes again.  President Barrack Hussein Obama is once again ignoring the rule of law for his own selfish political gain.  But this time, in his effort to side step congressionally enacted legislation that he does not like, it will have far reaching consequences on the lives of ordinary Americans and the United States economy!

In a blockbuster announcement made late last week, President Obama declared that he will no longer deport illegal aliens if they fulfill a certain criteria.    President Obama made the announcement from the Rose Garden of the White House and it signals yet another policy shift where the President has decided not to enforce Federal laws that he disagrees with in abrogation of his constitutionally mandated oath of office.  This time Obama’s political hedonism will have FAR reaching effects on the middle class and our fragile economy; the announcement means that roughly 800,000 illegal aliens will not to face deportation and will be able to enter an already saturated US job market.

Click HERE to demand Congressional action in the form of binding legislation that will REQUIRE President Obama to act on congressionally enacted Federal laws

Here’s how it all breaks down: President Barack Hussein Obama announced that the Justice Department would no longer seek to deport illegal aliens who would be eligible for permanent residency under the never-enacted DREAM act, so long as they have a clean criminal history.  DREAM is an acronym for “Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors” and is a piece of legislation originally introduced in Congress in 2001.

Congress has considered the DREAM act several times over the last decade, but the measure never had enough support to pass. So, instead of listening to the will of the American people, Obama has decided to once again overstep his Constitutional authority in an arrogant attempt to enforce a law that does not exist and ignore Federal laws that are currently on the books.

At present, there are no laws that give the President the power to unilaterally ignore Federal law.  In making his announcement last week, the President once again tried to cheat Congress and the American people and rule by fiat.  President Obama has been ignoring the rule of law during his entire presidency.  This time we must raise our voices and stop him before he does even MORE damage to the economy!!

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According to the United State Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the United States currently sits at 8.2% with over 12 million citizens and LEGAL residents out of work.  In thinly veiled attempt to court the Hispanic community, the President is going to PUNISH citizens and LEGAL residents by flooding the job market with another 800,000 illegal immigrants!!

President Obama’s actions tell us three things:

  1. He knows he can’t fix the economy and is resigned to watch the American dream wither on the vine.
  2. He has so little respect for the Hispanic community that he actually believes his political grandstanding will bear fruit.
  3. He will not follow the rule of law in the United States and is acting outside the legal parameters of the Presidency.

Governor Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, saw through Obama’s politically motivated announcement.  In an interview on “Meet the Press”, Governor Romney stated I think the timing is pretty clear, if he really wanted to make a solution that dealt with these kids or with illegal immigration in America, then this is something he would have taken up in his first three and a half years, not in his last few months.”

Click HERE to demand Congressional action in the form of binding legislation that will REQUIRE President Obama to act on congressionally enacted Federal laws

Governor Romney has a consistent track record on illegal immigration issues.  Since 2007 his position has been made clear in speech after speech; stating that he would veto the DREAM act if he were in the White House, he is against giving in state tuition credits to illegal immigrants, he has been in favor building a fence on our Mexican border, and has come out against amnesty. 

This is not the first time President Obama has decided to go off the reservation and ignore congressionally enacted Federal law.  According to the independent political website, Politico, President Obama has stopped enforcing several laws that he simply doesn’t like.  These include internet gambling, the Defense of Marriage Act, Federal marijuana laws, and No Children Left Behind amongst others.  Once again, President Obama ignores the checks and balances put in place inthe Constitution by our Founding Fathers and sees himself as not only the leader of the Executive Branch; but the leader of the Federal government as a whole, in contravention with the Constitution.

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President Obama is being allowed to set a very dangerous precedent that could very quickly put an end to our democratic freedoms.  The President swore an oath to protect the Constitution but blatantly ignores the laws created by that same document.  Picking and choosing the laws to enforce is only a small step away from taking the legislative power away from the Legislative branch.  Taking into account his many controversial Executive Orders (including an order that allows him to declare martial law and functionally dissolve Congress at any time), we are clearly on the precipice of authoritarian rule.

At the end of the day, the politically motivated decision to grant amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens shows that Obama does not care about the laws of the United States, our fragile economy, the 12 million currently unemployed Americans, and (most alarmingly) our Constitution.  At Conservative-Daily, we are dedicated to preserving our Constitution and freedoms, but we can’t do it alone; we need your help.  Please fax Congress and tell them to act; our freedom is under fire only our voices can protect it.

Click HERE to demand Congressional action in the form of binding legislation that will REQUIRE President Obama to act on congressionally enacted Federal laws

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