As Eric Holder Wriggles Desperately To Avoid A Contempt Vote

Leading Republicans looking to let him skate!

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Unbelievable. Massive hard work and concerted action by conservatives nationwide had finally started to show serious fruit.  Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chair of the House Oversight Committee, officially announced last Monday that the committee would vote on proceeding with contempt charges against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder this week.

That vote, its outcome almost certain, would then be followed by a hang-Holder-high vote before the entire United States House of Representatives.

That’s pretty historic. However, Holder, knowing that his scalp was only days away from being hung on America’s trophy wall of bad guys, began scrambling furiously.

In a letter last Thursday, Holder told Issa that he would be willing to turn over some of the documents that the Department of Justice has withheld;  bucking the truth in the face of a Congressional subpoena.

Rather than toe the line and say, “We want it all and we want it now!” Issa caved.  On Friday he issued a statement:

“While I do have substantial concerns that these documents may not be sufficient to allow the committee to complete its investigation, delivery of these documents before the scheduled consideration of contempt at 10:00 am on Wednesday, June 20, 2012, would be sufficient to justify the postponement of the proceeding to allow for the review of the materials.”

So, maybe, just perhaps, in giving the devil far more than his due, that MIGHT be a decent way to go.  Disgusting, but perhaps understandable.

And then the bomb dropped… a bomb that is a slap in the face of conservatives everywhere.

Attorney General Holder and Rep. Issa agreed to a meeting on Tuesday (so that Holder could avoid the Wednesday scheduled contempt vote).

Issa had said he wanted those documents, so that they could be reviewed before any meeting or vote. Holder refused, saying that he would turn over the documents (not necessarily ALL the subpoena documents, and not how they will be redacted)  at the meeting and not before.

Further, Holder wants Obama cronies Sen. Pat Leahy of Vermont—even though this is a House investigation—and Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland to attend the meeting.

Conservative Daily asks Rep. Issa: Why is a meeting necessary at all? You have SCHEDULED a contempt vote and Holder STILL is not complying with the subpoenas!

Why let the fish get some slack line and wriggle off the hook? Finally, after literally YEARS, America has Obama’s leading purveyor of lies and deceit, Attorney General Eric Holder, in a position where he can no longer commit serial perjury before the United States Congress.

There should be no meeting. There should be no excuses not to turn over ALL subpoenaed documents. The problem is, the Obama administration KNOWS it can’t defend itself once the entire truth sees the light of day.


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America wants, and needs, a genuine up-or-down vote against Holder for contempt of Congress; Period.

Your efforts have not been in vain. Had they been, liberal Democrats and their cronies in the mainstream media would long ago have swept this under the rug, as they have so many other scandals involving their socialist buddies.

So now is NOT the time to give up! Rather, now is the time to hit Congress—ESPECIALLY REPUBLICANS—with all we’ve got!  HARD!

They have listened and they will listen. But if America goes silent, they’ll look for the easy out so as not to be accused of witch-hunting before an election.

We can’t let them off the hook!

Please act now by clicking here, or all of our efforts may end up being useless.



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