Senate Hearings Prove The law Of The Sea Treaty Is In Trouble

Sen. Kerry Admits Congress Is Scared

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The so-called Law of the Sea Treaty debate actually goes all the way back to the Reagan years. President Reagan said no way, the United States is NOT giving up its sovereignty to an unaccountable multi-national bureaucracy.


But the liberals just refuse to go away. The good news is that conservative activists like you have made a HUGE impact on what is happening in the United States Senate.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) made opening remarks at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing regarding the embattled treaty.

This hearing included in-person testimony by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta!

To open the discussion, Sen. Kerry said, “A number of colleagues on and off the Committee have been very candid and suggested they would be more comfortable if we can avoid pushing this deliberative process into the middle of an election…. I do not currently intend to bring the Treaty to a vote before the November elections.”


Moreover, Sen. Kerry went on to say: “But unless, somehow, the dynamic were to shift, or change, we will wait until the passions of the election have subsided before we vote.”

IN OTHER WORDS…. If you keep up the pressure, they’ll stay scared. If you relax, “the dynamic” might “shift” or “change” and THEY’LL RAM IT DOWN OUR THROATS!

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Many might wonder, just what is the Law of the Sea Treaty and why should we care? The treaty would, among other things:

• Require the U.S. to kneel before an unelected, UN-designated authority that would have governmental powers over the High Seas;

• Allow that same global organization (based out of Kingston, Jamaica) to TAX—without representation—essentially anything that might become a maritime dispute; and,

• Potentially undermine U.S. Naval superiority by telling us where we can and can’t go.

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P.S.: The LOST treaty should be a Lost Cause for the liberals, but they just won’t stop trying everything they can to work toward their ultimate goal: One World Government with the United States reduced to a supplier for the rest of the world.


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Joe Otto