Three weeks ago, we ran a very important story regarding President Barack Hussein Obama’s Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order that would authorize him, during PEACE TIME, to declare martial law(to read that story, click here: https://conservative-daily.com/2012/05/08/obama-signs-authorization-for-martial-law/).

While this Executive Order is similar to those that other Presidents have instituted in the past, it is different in one very fundamental way: it does NOT require the exigencies of war or national disaster in order trigger its legal applicability; President Obama can institute it at ANY time!

This edict, signed by the President on March 16, 2012, would allow Obama to not only declare martial law, but also gives him the “legal” authority to confiscate private property,  nationalize the means of production, created forced worker camps, and even ration your family’s food and water!!  Essentially, it gives him all the tools necessary to dissolve our Republic and institute a Communist dictatorship!

CLICK here to DEMAND that Congress vetoes President Obama’s Martial Law Executive Order on the grounds that it is unconstitutional!!!

The NATO summit in Chicago gave us a small taste of what martial law might be like under President Obama.  If you recall, the Mayor of Chicago is Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama’s former Chief of Staff.  Further, Obama was a Senator out of Illinois and a “Community Organizer” (think: ACORN) in Chicago.  Suffice it to say, his connections to the Windy City run VERY deep.

While most of the media, in yet another effort to protect Obama’s image, have been very slow to report on the police response to the protests, several news agencies have reported brutality and entrapment, amongst other illegal activities, by what best can be described as riot storm troopers, aimed at stripping the protestors of their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!!

Even before the summit began, Obama’s puppets in Mayor’s mansion had begun planning the use of these riot storm troopers to calm the crowds; a heavy handed act MEANT to scare protestors out of exercising their First Amendment rights.  Apparently, the only point of view that matters anymore is Obama’s; he will do ANYTHING to quiet the majority of Americans who disagree with his Socialist political ideals. 

CLICK here to DEMAND that Congress vetoes President Obama’s Martial Law Executive Order on the grounds that it is unconstitutional!!!

In a turn of events as humorous as it is frightening, riot storm troopers confiscated a home beer brewing set after ransacking an innocent citizen’s apartment.  Evidently, these riot storm troopers thought trouble was brewing.  These abridgements of our First Amendment rights are shocking, and Obama hasn’t even declared martial law yet.  We must do something!

Before I continue, let me say that I do NOT share these protestors’ political views.  In fact, many of these folks are part of the Occupy Movement; a group whose political views I find despicable.  But I will stand up for their First Amendment rights; by protecting their free speech and right to assemble, I am standing up for every citizen’s First Amendment rights.  We must be careful to always remember that free speech only matters when the speaker’s point of view in unpopular.

As we move deeper and deeper into Obama’s Presidency, we see his authoritarian stripes start to show.  He is not the populist, man of the people he claims to be.  He is simply a power hungry politician who will do and say anything to further his Socialist agenda.  We MUST be vigilant to stand up for our rights; now more than ever!

CLICK here to DEMAND that Congress vetoes President Obama’s Martial Law Executive Order on the grounds that it is unconstitutional!!!

Finally, I would like to comment on the MANY internet rumors claiming that President Obama is already planning to institute martial law at some point prior to November and will cancel the Presidential elections.  According to some reports, Obama will use the Department of Homeland Security as well as several other groups to destabilize the country and give him the excuse to institute martial law.

I don’t believe these rumors to be accurate.  I have researched the claims and have not been able to find any credible evidence that this plot actually exists.  While I will not completely dismiss the theory, currently there seems to be no concrete evidence to corroborate the reports.

At Conservative-Daily, we strive to bring you ACCURATE and up to date information so that you might have the facts needed to truly have an influence on the direction of our country.  We do not post wild rumors or unsubstantiated stories.  We are reopening the market place of ideas in this country and we work hard to make sure every article and blog contains only the most truthful of content.

While any concrete evidence of a planned governmental paradigm shift to an autocracy is lacking; the mere fact that so many rumors exist tells you just how close to the brink we truly are.

And one truth does remain: Obama has given himself the legal authority to dissolve the powers of Congress and rule by fiat.  That fact is more frightening than any internet rumor could possibly be.  No President should be able to afford him/herself such unconstitutional powers; history shows that the temptation to use such power to be nearly irresistible.  Tell Congress to stop Obama today before internet rumors become front page news!!

CLICK here to DEMAND that Congress vetoes President Obama’s Martial Law Executive Order on the grounds that it is unconstitutional!!!


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