Two weeks ago we examined the potential impact that voter fraud could have in the coming 2012 Presidential elections (to view that article, click here: https://conservative-daily.com/2012/05/05/fight-voter-identity-theft/).  With your help, we have made Congress and the Obama Administration aware of the problem!   Unfortunately, it would seem that liberals are so hot-to-trot to keep their socialist progenitor in power that they simply ignore the problem or claim it doesn’t exist.   Let’s make ourselves too loud to ignore!!

We have heard liberals deny it 1,000 different ways: “voter fraud does not exist”, “voter fraud is a myth”, “voter fraud is a Tea Party conspiracy theory”, etc.  Ask most liberals about voter fraud and you will get a version of the same canned answer time and time again.  It seems like in order to join the socialist cult of liberalism you must first go to reeducation camps so that you might be given the correct response to questions dealing with issues like voter fraud, guns, and welfare.

And now it looks like they are at it AGAIN!!  A story broke last week where it was reported that 53,000 dead individuals were still actively registered to vote in Florida elections!!  This CLEARLY demonstrates the need a Nationwide Voter ID law IMMEDIATELY!!

Don’t let your VOTE be STOLEN!!  CLICK here to DEMAND that Congress enacts a Nationwide Voter ID law for ALL Federal elections before November 2012!!!

That’s right!  Florida is battleground state with the third most electoral votes nationwide.  The Secretary of State reportedly found 53,000 dead individuals registered to vote and ready to be used as tools by unscrupulous liberal operatives looking to steal the 2012 Presidential election! It is for this VERY reason that a National Voter ID law MUST be enacted by Congress BEFORE the 2012 Presidential elections!

Why were these 53,000 deceased persons still on the active voter rolls in Florida?  Evidently, Florida was using antiquated tracking software that did not properly take voters names off the registration list after death.  Florida has since fixed the mistake and has purged those names off their active voter registration lists.

While we are lucky that Florida came clean BEFORE the November 6th Presidential elections, it is frightening to think of the true scope of this scandal.  If only ONE state had 53,000 dead voters still actively registered, what are the numbers in the remaining 49 states?!  The math projects into the millions!  That means there could literally be MILLIONS of votes for liberals to use towards stealing the 2012 Presidential election and our democracy along with it!  This is why a National Voter ID law must become a TOP priority!!

When asked about voter registration reform, Attorney General Eric Holder has called such measures “unnecessary’ and that voter fraud “does not exist”.   These stated positions have made sitting Attorney General Holder look very silly after HIS identity and official ballot were stolen in a recent primary election held in Washington, D.C!!!  No voter fraud indeed!

And now today, the Mayor of Sunland, New Mexico was arrested on allegations of voter fraud, bribery and countless other despicable acts all so that he might secure election as the mayor in a town of about 14,000.  How far would someone go to become President of the United States?!?!

Don’t let your VOTE be STOLEN!!  CLICK here to DEMAND that Congress enacts a Nationwide Voter ID law for ALL Federal elections before November 2012!!!

Evidently, Holder has also forgotten about ACORN’s illegal voter registration campaigns in 2008 and 2010, allegations of irregularities in Ohio and Pennsylvania in the 2008 Presidential elections, and the prosecution of voter fraud in 46 states over the last decade alone.  It is time to stand up and DEMAND that your vote NOT be diluted by those who would cheat the system and pervert the Republic and its freedoms that some many have died to protect!!

Don’t let your VOTE be STOLEN!!  CLICK here to DEMAND that Congress enacts a Nationwide Voter ID law for ALL Federal elections before November 2012!!!


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