Sen. Barbara Boxer Looking To Gut Concealed Carry Across America

S. 176 strips away shall-issue provisions in every state

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Decades. That’s how long it’s taken tireless Second Amendment activists to force almost every state, one by one, to stop being arbitrary in the granting of concealed carry permits.

You see, most states have had anti-concealed carry laws dating back nearly to the Civil War. They were put into place to stop “undesirable” citizens from defending themselves. A local sheriff had the authority to deny a permit with one glance.

In the modern gun control age, this came to be anyone without an “in” with the local authorities. And so, one politician and one vote at a time, gun rights activists changed those laws to put the burden on the state: if the state couldn’t prove you shouldn’t have a gun, they were forced to issue you a carry permit.  S. 176 will reverse that position by placing the burden on the permit applicant to prove they should be able to carry a gun.  This loss of 2nd Amendment rights is unacceptable and must be shot down.


This is simply unacceptable. Years and years of accumulated data prove without question that concealed carry permit holders are already far more law-abiding than any “normal” or even upstanding populace.

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Certainly, it sounds unbelievable. How can any bill in Congress just wipe out multiple dozens of state-level laws that differ from state to state? Why should Congress overstep their bounds like this in the first place? Well, just because it’s unconstitutional doesn’t mean that the gun grabbers aren’t trying to do it!

Here is EXACTLY what S. 176, if gun-grabbing California Senator Barbara Boxer gets her way, would do to the status of concealed carry in America:

  • Outlaw Vermont-style carry  by requiring a permit system in every state that allows concealed carry of any kind (Vermont’s freedoms do not require a permit to carry);
  • Establish a national minimum age of 21 for permits;
  • Require that law enforcement be involved in the process (many states simply use NICS checks and county clerks);
  • Insist an applicant prove (to law enforcement satisfaction) that he or she has a “good cause” for requesting a carry permit—returning us to the bad old days when self-defense wasn’t good enough; and,
  • Force applicants to get that same law enforcement officer to certify they are “worthy of the public trust to carry a concealed firearm in public.”

Congress HAS to stand up to gun grabbers like Barbara Boxer who see nothing wrong in dismantling decades of concealed carry reform!  Click here to demand that your Senators and Representative protect your second Amendment rights!

Essentially, Sen. Boxer wants to model California’s system on an unprecedented, massive scale. Because she knows if this becomes law, only the privileged few will be granted concealed carry permits!

There are literally millions of law-abiding, concealed carry permit holders in this county. In shall-issue states, it is almost a mathematical certainly that a person running errands around town on a Saturday will interact with someone who is carrying.

Under S. 176, all concealed carry permit holders suddenly become suspicious people who must prove their “need” and prove that they are ”worthy of the public trust” in order to CONTINUE carrying.

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P.S.: There have been way too many pro-gun gains in the concealed carry arena made in recent years to allow the gun grabbers to deliver as devastating a blow as S. 176. They will stop at nothing, but with your help, we can stop them!


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