If You Owe Back Taxes to the IRS, The Government can Take Your Guns!

Senate Passes Highway Bill; New Gun Control Discovered

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Congress consistently uses the threat of denying federal highway funds to states not willing to follow their liberal agenda. Like clockwork, every session of Congress tries to encroach on our liberties when huge appropriations bills come up for a vote.

Well here it is again! This spring, a truly ominous threat has surfaced in S. 1813, a bill “To authorize Federal-aid highway and highway safety construction programs, and for other purposes.”

Most of this massive (1676 pages!) bill is devoted to infrastructure improvement, highway safety improvements (read: more government control over our lives), and increased federal “cooperation” with public and private sector entities. It is, however, “other purposes” that make this a bald-faced attempt to sneak gun control into highway funding!


Buried deep within the bill is Section 40304, “Revocation or Denial of Passport in Case of Certain Unpaid Taxes.” Essentially, if you owe $50,000 or more to the IRS, that agency will send to the Secretary of State your private tax information. The State Department will then be forced to revoke or deny your passport.

That is wrong and unconstitutional. Why should an uncorroborated, outstanding tax bill be enough to arbitrarily take away the right to freely travel? Why is the IRS being directed to share your confidential information with other government agencies, period? Oh, and get this: you don’t have to be convicted of owing those taxes. The mere assertion by the IRS is enough.

But wait. It gets so, so very much worse. Conservative Daily asks you, what happens when your passport is denied or revoked?

Why, you are then placed on the federal “No-Fly” list, of course. Liberals absolutely LOVE the No-Fly list, because it directly results in increased control over the individual and what he or she does. Surely you’ve heard about the horrid abuses of the No-Fly list over the past several years. Even Sen. Ted Kennedy found himself on it before he died. And you and I certainly don’t enjoy the protections of the liberal establishment that he did. So, do you really think you can get off that list once you are put on it?

AND HERE’S THE TRUE RUB. The gun grabbers, in lockstep with the Obama administration, can’t wait to use the no-fly list to deny your Second Amendment rights!

In fact, they have outright admitted, in public, their plan to use the No-Fly list to take away your guns! Simply go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJBZZKlvrP4 to hear Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel say so in no uncertain words. According to Emmanuel, the Obama administration wants deny anyone on the no-fly list the right to buy a gun! Revoke your right to “bear firearms”. NO WAY!

The No-Fly list has become the gun grabbers’ perfect opportunity to expand the federal “prohibited persons” list without passing a new semi-automatic gun ban. After all, if you are a prohibited person, you are prohibited, period! Why ban “a” gun when they can ban ALL guns?

We must stop this, NOW! S. 1813 has already passed the Senate and is headed to the House of Representatives.

And the House is our best chance to get Section 40304 stripped out in its entirety.

Please, act RIGHT NOW to insist that Section 40304 be stripped from S. 1813!

Bear in mind, though, that efforts can’t be limited solely to the House. A bill this massive is certain to have amendments, and that will mean it will have to go back to the Senate. Both chambers must be pressured. All is not lost, but you must act now!

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P.S.: Is a tax debt—one that is only alleged, not proven—enough to strip you of your right to freely travel? Is it enough to place you on the No-Fly list to be treated exactly as a suspected terrorist? Should it enough to deny you the right to buy a gun?!!?!!

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