United Nations Working Hard to Dismantle U.S. Gun Rights

Global gun banners know Obama is “hand in glove” on their side

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For decades now, the United Nations has aggressively pushed to expand its powers over the countries that support it.

Just this week, Arizona—recognized the growing threat—passed a bill denying government support for Bill Clinton’s Agenda 21 (a huge set of UN “Environment and Development” regulations).

But by far the biggest threat to United States sovereignty is the UN’s strident desire to control YOUR guns.

The most visible aspect of this is known as the UN Small Arms Treaty.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton formally said last fall that the Obama Administration is “actively pursuing a strong and robust [small arms] treaty.”  In a transparent attempt to placate U.S. gun owners, she hurried to add that they would do so only under the “rule of consensus,” meaning only if other nations agree.

 Think about it: the Obama Administration literally wants the whole world to be a part of this monstrosity!

Because they know American patriots won’t stand for what they plan, the UN has been typically close-mouthed about the details of their global gun-grabbing scheme. But last July they met in New York and “signed off” on several ominous provisions, among them:

  • Establishment of a new UN agency, the Implementation Support Unit, with power to regulate anything having to do with guns that might be sold internationally;
  • A requirement that every country submit its gun control plan to the ISU;
  • A requirement for every country to implement internal tracking of all gun sales within its borders (outright registration!); and,
  • A ridiculously expensive requirement for every single of round of ammunition to be stamped with a unique serial number.

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Unfortunately, it gets worse. Global gun grabbers are never going to simply attack head-on, lose, then pack up their toys and go home. There is another proposal on their statist table.

The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (there really is such a thing), which supposedly is about nuclear weapons but in its own words is aggressively pursuing “disarmament efforts in the area of conventional weapons, especially land mines and small arms,” has established its International Small Arms Control Standards.

Known of course as ISACS, the program is shocking in its scope. According to the UN’s own working outline, ISACS is designed to establish “controls” over, among other things:

  • Manufacture of small arms;
  • Access of civilians to small arms;
  • Management of small-arms related criminal investigations; and,
  • Tracking of last-known legal purchasers.

To do this, an international database would be constructed.

 America doesn’t have to put up with this type of world-government, police state control!

All we have to do is make Congress realize they have to stand firm and thumb their noses at the UN! Click here!

At one time, we actually had an administration willing to do so. The Hilary Clinton action mentioned above reversed former U.S. policy. Back then, our Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, essentially told the gun grabbers to take a hike. But with Obama at the helm, he’s worried. As he told The Washington Post some time ago, “This will strengthen the hand of a government that wants to regulate private ownership of firearms.”

Now it’s up to us, as freedom-loving American citizens, to show Obama and Clinton that control over the Executive Branch does not mean control over the People. Please help us stop this nightmare.

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P.S.: The gun grabbers at the United Nations, gleeful to have as socialist of an American President as Obama, will stop at nothing to TAKE YOUR GUNS. Please, help us today.


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