Grassroots pressure, new embarrassments taking their toll. Click here to fax Congress now!

In case anyone is still not sure that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder would really love to take away our guns, a recently unearthed video shows a young Holder stating outright that we need to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

And during a Congressional hearing on the budget this year, a visibly upset Holder slammed the table in frustration when asked yet again about the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

Six previous times Holder has appeared before Congress to answer numerous questions regarding Fast and Furious, the Justice Department’s horribly flawed and deadly BATFE “gun walking” operation.

Six times Holder has stonewalled, backpedaled, obfuscated — and indications are, outright lied, all in an attempt to further a cover-up and sweep his misdeeds under a rug.

But pressure from grassroots Americans as new information continues to come to light makes it apparent that this scandal isn’t going away until the Attorney General pays his debt to the people he serves. Help tighten the screws by faxing Congress today!

Operation Fast and Furious began as a sickening attempt by the Obama administration to make it politically easier to ban YOUR guns. What they did was to knowingly allow illegal straw purchases of semi-automatic rifles in border states, and then actively worked to make sure the weapons “walked” across the border into Mexico. Then the killings began. Two. U.S. federal agents were slain, along with perhaps hundreds of Mexican nationals.

Now, thanks to outrage from the America people, the House Oversight Committee is taking its investigation very seriously. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the committee, has threatened Holder with contempt of Congress if he doesn’t come clean.

BUT THAT’S NOT ENOUGH! Not a single Justice Department official has been held accountable for this fiasco, and recent information indicates that Holder knew about the screw-up long before it became a glaring black eye.

If Holder and the Obama administration are going stick their tongues out at the American people, IT’S TIME FOR ACTION!

And Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has provided the perfect vehicle for that action. H. Res. 490 is a congressional resolution “expressing no confidence in the Attorney General of the United States.” It finds that:

  • The Administration “provided false information to Congress,”
  • Under Holder’s watch, the operation “was not set up to catch criminals;” and,
  • Holder has been “intransigent, obstructionist, and obdurate.”

Click here to demand that Congress pass H. Res. 490!

If Congress passes the resolution — or even it if just comes close to doing so — Holder will no have choice but to resign in disgrace. Currently, the resolution has 108 cosponsors.

The Obama administration has to learn that it can’t flout the Constitution for political purposes … especially if those purposes THREATEN YOUR RIGHTS. Please act today!

Click here to send your Congressman (or EVERY Congressman) a fax showing your support for H. Res. 490.


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