The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report this week that revealed 11.3 million job openings exist in the United States. This number is approximately 4.75 million more positions available than there are people looking for work.

Our government wants to answer this issue by importing millions of foreign laborers! This is just another Trojan horse aimed at destroying the American working class and the American Dream! 

After two years of reckless monetary policy and programs that encouraged people not to work, the government is blaming the labor shortage on a decline in legal immigration due to COVID 19!

The US Chamber of Commerce just joined “The Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus” to help advance their agenda to Congress! The ANIC’s goal is to “advance bipartisan legislative solutions on immigration reform and border security during the 117th Congress”.

Our very own Chamber of Commerce is seeking to solve domestic labor issues by actively encouraging more immigration! They want the American worker to be left with nothing as they push to bring in millions of people from all across the world! Tell them NO!

Let me say that again… the US Chamber or Commerce along with the ANIC have joined forces to urge Congress to address immigration reform ahead of the 2022 Midterms!

The solution to the problem is simple. Tell Congress to allow Americans to go back to work! Tell them to remove employer vaccine requirements and to stop rewarding those that do not want to work!

LINK: Send your FaxBlast now and let your representatives know that We the People will remove them from office in November if they do not listen to our demands!


The Conservative Daily Team