URGENT: Say NO To H.R. 7521 - The TikTok “Ban” Is a Trojan Horse To BAN YOUR VOICE!
Congress is once again ramping up to introduce an act that would effectively ban or restrict “TikTok and foreign-adversary social media companies.” It has received bipartisan support and has been quickly pushed through Congress. While outwardly some might see this act as positive, it claims to protect the citizens of the United States from CCP surveillance. Yet, when you read the fine print of this bill, it doesn't protect you; it is handing over greater power to the government and is a direct violation of our First Amendment. Congress CANNOT pass this bill, regardless of any positives in it. It grants our government tyrannical control over ALL media. Do NOT pass H.R. 7521.
Over the past week, there has been a great deal of talk surrounding the banning of TikTok and other foreign-adversary social media companies in Congress through the H.R. 7521 Act. The issue with this act is that it would NOT protect the citizens of the United States in the way that it claims, but instead force us to relinquish our rights to the government. It is nothing but a Trojan horse.
So what exactly will this bill do? Firstly, it would restrict/ban what the government determines as a foreign adversary-controlled application. What is this determination? Who knows, but it will ban any website, desktop application, mobile application, or augmented or immersive technology application that is operated, directly or indirectly, by ByteDance, TikTok, or “foreign-adversary social media companies.” Pay attention to that language.
Here's where it gets bad. This act won't JUST apply to ByteDance, TikTok, or any other foreign-adversary social media companies because of its extremely vague language and the fact that the PRESIDENT is the one granted the power to determine who and what constitutes as a “foreign adversary.”
Remember the Patriot Act? Remember FISA? These acts, in the name of protecting the citizens of the United States, possessed such vague language that our Government was enabled to violate its people's rights. Anytime the government proposes a bill to “protect you,” you’re about to give up freedoms that you’ll never get back. They’ve run this playbook time and time again.
When a bill receives full bipartisan support, especially when it's advocated for by Biden, we should be questioning the actual motives found in the fine print, and those motives are the government banning and restricting any voice they deem as a foreign adversary. You question the way Biden is dealing with the border, you question policy changes, you advocate for freedom, you must be a foreign adversary, and in order to protect national security, you will be completely silenced.
Congress must NOT pass H.R. 7521, like founding father Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” We the people categorically REJECT H.R. 7521. If Congress wants to protect its citizens, they will give bipartisan support to H.R.2 to Secure the Border, they would stop attacking our 2nd amendment, they would protect our Constitution! Congress, you will NOT pass this vague bill meant to steal our voice; do not pass H.R. 7521!