Dear Patriot,

Americans must no longer attribute the Biden Regime’s disastrous failures to negligence. The Regime is purposely destroying every part of the American way of life. We are at war, and the war is being waged from the inside!
As Congress smiles and claps for Ukraine, American parents are facing the crushing reality of a nationwide baby formula shortage. American babies are starving while Joe Biden pushes Congress to send $40 billion of taxpayer money overseas to fund his proxy war with Russia!
House Republican and Democrat traitors just voted to approve the $40 billion aid package. As the United States faces a collapsing economy, soaring inflation, and increasing food shortages, 149 out of 211 House Republicans voted in favor of the bill.
The package provides $6 billion for security assistance, including training, equipment, weapons and support; $8.7 billion to replenish stocks of U.S. equipment sent to Ukraine, and $3.9 billion for European Command operations.
Send your FaxBlast now and demand the Senate kill this bill immediately! 
With Courage, 
Joe Oltmann