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I’d like to bring your attention to the Ericsson Report. 

This report builds upon the Ericsson List that was released in February 2022, by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The Ericsson List exposed that Ericsson was engaged in deep corruption and raised serious questions about checks and balances on federal law enforcement and the intelligence apparatus. 

The Ericsson Report, published earlier this year at plvsvltra.org, builds upon the disclosures in ICIJ’s List, and reveals the massive expansion of unconstitutional state surveillance during the past several decades. It reveals the public private partnerships that the government uses to skirt our most sacred laws. 

For example, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton imposed sanctions in Iran that gave Ericsson market – and data and surveillance – domination in the region. The most notable sanctions came shortly after Bill Clinton was paid $750,000 for a speaking fee – a personal best at that time. The speaking fee was paid for by Ericsson. 

Did you know that? Have you investigated? Have you made any attempts to represent the interests of your constituents in this matter? 

Worse, the Report reveals that our most critical infrastructure, our domestic emergency services, have been effectively outsourced to a sole-source foreign company with close ties to US adversaries like Iran. 

I am wondering how it’s possible that my representatives in government are unaware of this massive operation. I am also concerned that those of you on the intelligence committee have been asleep at the wheel. 

Regardless of party, this is a significant National Security issue that you appear to be ignoring. 

As an American, I am gravely concerned about the level of seriousness with which partisan politicians are treating our national security. I respectfully request that you review the report and reply with answers to my questions and path forward on this matter. 

Thank you.