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The American People Demand an End to the Two-Tiered Justice System

For five years beginning in 2016 the compromised media inundated American Citizens with the fictional Steele Dossier that created the “Russia Collusion Election Interference Hoax” bought and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign through attorney Perkins Couie to the investigative firm Fusion GPS for oppositional research on then candidate Trump. This non stop propaganda divided friends, neighbors and even close family members from one another, each side thinking they knew the truth. We had two impeachment trials costing over $25 million dollars all for no crime, no quid pro quo. The media did not report their utter failure regarding the alleged quid pro quo nor the DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign's unlawful actions when the FEC charged them with campaign violations, she quietly paid a fine. She received the equivalent of a slap on the wrist leaving former friends and allies at odds with one another because the media had done such a good job brainwashing the masses and if they recanted, did so quietly.


On 9 May 2023,  Donald Trump was found “liable for sexual abuse” in a civil rape and defamation case whose attorney fees were funded by an individual named Reid Hoffman, who is publicly politically opposed to Donald Trump and who contributed $600,000 to Fusion GPS through Bean LLC6. The petitioner E. Jean Carrol made unsupported claim of rape, not even knowing the date or time of the incident then went on the media circuit stating, “I think most people think of rape as sexy” and “think of the fantasies”. 

Her testimony eerily resembled the plot of an episode of the television show Law & Order: special victims unit S13E11 (Theatre Tricks)




In 2018 Jeffrey Epstein, now known as an intelligence agent, was indicted on charges of child sex trafficking and later “committed suicide” while awaiting trial according to reports. The FBI seized documentation on the list of wealthy clients and the corresponding evidence which included famous Hollywood “elites”, wealthy entrepreneurs, bankers, and disturbingly, judges and  politicians so as to blackmail those with any power to subvert justice against any of the illegal and immoral acts they performed. The now grown victims of those horrific crimes stand waiting for Justice to be served and for indictments to be made against their perpetrators. 

Timeline Of The Life And Crimes Of Jeffrey Epstein - CBS New York (cbsnews.com)

In 2019 the FBI had gained access to Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell containing a long list of crimes. Human trafficking, including sexual depictions of minors as well as influence peddling of the Former Vice President Joe Biden. His shady business ties to Ukraine through Burisma and Rosemont Seneca and China through the CCP are very concerning because we are now in a proxy war through Ukraine against Russia and are at the precipice of war in defense of Taiwan and South Korea against China. This is a war that NO ONE wins with mutually assured destruction, quite likely the end of Human Civilization if proceeded upon.

Report on the Biden Laptop (marcopolousa.org)

In 2020 BLM along with the phantom group “Antifa” rioted against what the media portrayed as innocent black individuals “murdered” by the police when attempting to take them into custody. Then proceeded to riot, loot then burn down many businesses and even murder those who stood in their way. This civil unrest occurred enough times to elicit a response from communities surrounding these areas of discontent to rise up and try to defend those who were in the path of these violent and dangerous rioters. The media claimed it was “mostly peaceful” playing down the seriousness of the riots. There have been very few indictments, arrests or trials made against those who committed real and serious crimes. 


Conversely, the media has depicted the January 6th, 2021 peaceful protestors who were herded into the US Capitol by Capitol Police and Intelligence agents from the FBI and possibly other agencies. They have had the harshest of treatment in isolation while waiting for trial with limited access to their attorney’s, and painted by the media and politicians as violent extremists, insurrectionists and domestic terrorists all for asserting their 1st amendment rights to redress of grievances regarding the suspicious anomalies during the 2020 Presidential election. As the truth about the situation is unfolding we are now aware that it was federal agents who were stirring up contention and leading the peaceful protesters even opening the doors of the Capitol for them to enter in an obvious case of entrapment.


Another example of the two tiered Justice system is how Former President Donald Trump is being targeted by the extreme left NY District Attorney’s office on charges they do not have jurisdiction over claiming federal election crimes by allegedly paying hush money to Stormy Daniels. This is obviously election interference and has only given resolve to his base and other republican conservatives as well as moderates.

FEC: Trump-Stormy case ‘not a campaign finance violation’ | Washington Examiner

If we are to have peace and continue to rely on the democratic process we must ensure that Justice is blind and even those with wealth and power are held to the same standard of the law rather than cherry picking which individuals can continue to live and breath free while asserting dominance against those who oppose contrary doctrines to those in power.


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