First, they came for your gas cars. 
Then, they came for your gas stoves. 
Now, they’re coming for your wood fired pizza.
Earth’s perpetually shifting climate is demonstrated with evidence found throughout geologic history and ice core samples. The atmosphere has had widely varied levels of CO2 throughout the 13 billion years of its existence with both temperature and atmospheric carbon steadily decreasing over time. In geologic terms, the earth has experienced similar levels of carbon 100’s if not 1000’s of times with dramatic rises and falls over millennia at a time. The “science” only depicts carbon over 10’s of millenia using limited data to use as ‘evidence’ while simultaneously ignoring the vast data set demonstrating greater variance during a megaannum or an era. Cataclysms are the cause of extinction level events and usually result in a dramatic decrease in atmospheric carbon, like the theorized meteor-strikes, or mega volcano eruptions that killed off the dinosaurs and other extinction level events causing the long winters we call ice ages.
Fabricated Crisis is a ruse to depart you from your hard earned currency through special taxation on your so-called carbon footprint. Climate Change is one of many psychological operations in an effort to force change upon the populace. The desired outcome is to quickly reduce people's access to energy and to increase their dependence on the state, How communism of them. I imagine life without fossil fuels and summed it up in 3 short words: Cold. Dark. Hungry. Coupled with the fact that regulations put forth make it difficult to install alternative heating sources in most areas. Without fossil fuels, farmers cannot tend to their fields. Literal mass starvation event if we continue down this path.