Enough is enough! The past few days have shown the American public the true horrors of Kentaji Brown Jackson’s character! KBJ is quite possibly the most radical candidate for the Supreme Court of the United States. As her confirmation hearing wraps up, we must ACT NOW to ensure that she never sees a confirmation to the Supreme Court!

Look at the real Kentaji Brown Jackson and you will see why she is the worst possible candidate for the Supreme Court, much less any government office! The reasons below are more than enough cause for removal!

Reason 1: KBJ served as a public defender for Guantanamo Bay detainees. She called the         President at the time a “war criminal” and provided defense counsel for jihadists that attacked US military forces in Afghanistan. She was known as a zealous defender of alleged terrorists and was outspoken against the Bush Administration’s detention policies. Imagine how she will rule on any border or immigration related case!

Reason 2: KBJ is a pedophile sympathizer that issued many sentences less than the Federal guidelines for people that transmitted child pornography. Her reason…the internet makes access to child pornography easier and therefore sentences should be lighter!

Reason 3: KBJ issued reduced sentences for Fentanyl crimes, calling it a “victimless crime”. I guess KBJ doesn’t understand that 50,000 Americans died last year from Fentanyl overdoses.

Reason 4: When asked if she could provide the definition of “a woman” she could not. In KJB’s own defense, she is not a biologist. KBJ is the perfect candidate for the Left’s war on gender, the sexualization of children, and transgender inclusion activism that is sweeping sports in America.

Reason 5: In 2019, KBJ ruled in many cases against President Trump, forcing the compliance of subpoenas on persons tied to the Fake Russia Probe.

Reason 6: KBJ was involved in passing legislation in Massachusetts that prevented pro-life protesters from driving or organizing by abortion clinics! This law itself shows KBJ’s clear disregard for the Constitution of the United States!

We cannot let the Biden Regime gets its wish and confirm this Radical sympathizer of terrorists, pedophiles and drug dealers to preside over the Supreme Court of the United States! Send your FaxBlast today and demand that your Representatives vehemently condemn the confirmation of Kentaji Brown Jackson!


Joe Oltmann