Dear Patriot,

A breaking development shows Joe Biden wrote a letter of recommendation for the son of Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partner. This further confirms the conflicts of interest that the Biden Family has with their very close connections to the Chinese government and business ties. 

While serving as Vice President to Barack Obama, Joe Biden was pressured by members of Rosemont Seneca to write a letter advocating for the son of Jonathan Li. Jonathan Li, the CEO of a Chinese firm, had close ties to Hunter Biden’s business dealings overseas! 

There is no denying that the Biden Regime is the most compromised and corrupt family ever to reside in the White House. Congress must convene an investigation into every one of the family’s foreign business deals immediately! This is a matter of the utmost importance for our National Security.

This revelation completely disproves Joe Biden’s claims that he was unaware of Hunter’s foreign business dealings! Jonathan Li is the CEO of BHR, the Chinese backed investment fund that had direct affiliation to Rosemont Seneca’s Chinese market share!

The letter was later sent to Brown University, Cornell University, and New York University in hopes of using the Biden name to garner favor with prestigious US institutions. Eric Schwerin, president of Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca, sent a follow-up email to Jonathan Li confirming that Joe Biden had completed the letter of recommendation and sent it to the aforementioned colleges via FedEx.

We can no longer stay silent as our country is torn to pieces by the Biden Regime. The American people are faced with the imminent destruction of this great country at the hands of a corrupt few who have enriched themselves at the expense of us and future generations.

Congress can no longer look the other way on the facts that the Biden Family is entirely compromised by foreign adversaries intent on removing America as the dominant world power.

Tell your Representatives to initiate an investigation into the Biden Crime Family immediately and save this country from the overthrow that is taking place!


Joe Oltmann