Tonight, Congress must make a crucial decision regarding the debt ceiling. We urge our representatives to reject the deal proposed by Speaker McCarthy and President Joe Biden. This agreement would grant unlimited spending capabilities to the Federal Government for two years, with minimal spending cuts.
Both Republicans and Democrats have criticized this deal, but unfortunately, it cleared a committee hurdle. If it passes the House, it will go to the Senate before the Monday deadline to avoid defaulting on our debt.
It's time for Congress to prioritize fiscal responsibility and limit spending. The current rate of spending is unethical, unsustainable, and goes against the will of the majority. We must rein in the national debt by cutting spending that doesn't directly benefit the American people.
For decades, Congress has spent more than it collects, creating the illusion of unlimited spending capabilities. This reckless behavior leads to inflation and reduces the dollar's buying power, hurting hard working Americans.
By avoiding budget balance and passing the burden to future generations, Congress acts immorally and unconstitutionally. We demand that our elected representatives act urgently and decisively to address the national debt crisis.
The national debt, now at $32 trillion, is staggering. It surpasses our ability to comprehend its magnitude. It's time for Congress to act responsibly and eliminate unnecessary programs, focusing on the long-term financial health of our nation.
We implore our representatives to listen to our voices and demonstrate a genuine commitment to the American people. We need leaders who prioritize fiscal responsibility and uphold the principles of our great nation.
The time for empty promises and political games is over. Our nation's future depends on your unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility.