Dear Patriot,

Democrats just rejected an attempt by the GOP to upload Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell" into the congressional record.
House Judiciary Committee Democratic staff appointed by chairman Jerry Nadler are refusing to upload the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop in a searchable format into the congressional record.
Staffers are claiming that they lack the technological capabilities to successfully upload the contents of the laptop. 
This is not the first attempt that the Democrats have made in protecting the “Bagman” of the Biden Regime. 
Just a few days ago, Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee denied a motion from Republicans to subpoena Hunter Biden regarding a business deal in the Congo. Hunter Biden and his firm made millions when they brokered the sale of a cobalt mining operation to a Chinese firm. 
Democrat members of Congress are protecting the Biden Family because they are complicit in the crimes committed against the American people!
Congress is supposed to protect and represent We the People, not the President and his son!
With Courage,
Joe Oltmann