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Dear Congress: 

We’ve all been waiting for the next round of the TwitterFiles to be released, and on Tuesday we learned the reason for the delay. 

When James Baker resigned due to the walls closing in on his corrupt schemes, he found a home at Twitter. He served as General Counsel for the embattled social media company from his public outing in 2018 until Tuesday. 

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Baker was interfering with the release of the Twitter Files, and Elon unceremoniously walked him out of the company. Jonathan Turley, a renowned and well-respected legal scholar that you all most certainly know, explained more about Baker:

“Baker has been featured repeatedly in the Russian investigations launched by the Justice Department, including the hoax involving the Russian Alfa Bank. When Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann wanted to plant the bizarre false claim of a secret communications channel between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, Baker was his go-to, speed-dial contact. (Baker would later testify at Sussmann’s trial). Baker’s name also appeared prominently in controversies related to the other Russian-related FBI allegations against Trump. He was effectively forced out due to his role and reportedly found himself under criminal investigation.”

Everyone involved in the release of the Twitter Files was stunned to learn about Baker’s role. Every leftist corruption scandal seems to have this guy at the center. Now that he isn’t protected by a government title, will we finally get some answers from Mr. Baker for ALL of the scandals in which he has participated?

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Investigate the role that James Baker was playing in the Twitter Files release, and if he was collaborating with the Executive Branch in doing so. 

The age of your corruption is coming to an end. Now is the time to get on the right side and be a hero of truth and justice. The American People are very forgiving, and those who choose freedom and the Constitution will fare much better than those who don’t.

Remember your oath.