The Biden administration just banned the importation of Russian ammunition, cutting off Americans' access to the most affordable ammo on the market!

This is tyranny. On Friday, the Biden administration announced that they were levying sanctions against Russia for the state sanctioned poisoning of Russian politician Alexei Navalny. Navalny is highly critical of the Russian regime, and it has long been suspected that the Russian government poisoned him.

Just to recap: The Russian government is suspected of poisoning one of their own citizens. Now, Joe Biden is "punishing" them by banning the importation of Russian weapons and ammunition into the United States. Starting in September, the United States government will no longer allow shipments of Russian weapons or ammunition into the country.

That's right: Biden is using the sanctions as an excuse to block Americans' access to the most affordable ammunition on the market!

Please, you must join today's urgent FaxBlast and STOP Joe Biden from banning ammunition imports before it's too late!

There are typically three kinds of ammunition on the market today: Brass-cased, steel-cased, and (to a lesser extent) aluminum-cased. Most ammunition out there is brass-case. If you want to reload your ammunition, this is the way to go. But brass-cased ammo is expensive.

That is why millions of Americans choose aluminum- and steel-cased ammunition for target shooting. It is quite literally half the cost of brass-cased ammo.

Atleast, it was... Biden's new ammo ban has sent the price of ammunition skyrocketing. What little steel-cased ammo is left has now tripled in price. Since Biden just arbitrarily limited the supply of ammo, that has sent the price of brass-cased ammunition up as well.

Whether you shoot steel-cased Russian ammo or not, Biden's unconstitutional ammo ban has now made .9mm, 45ACP, 5.56, 7.62x39, 5.45x39, .308, and 7.62x54r more expensive and less plentiful.

This is all by design. Steel-cased ammunition is primarily used for training. Biden has now made it impossible for millions of Americans to afford the shooting sports. There are entire calibers of ammunition that are now impossible to buy. For example, 5.45x39mm - the ammunition used in AK-74 pattern firearms - is now impossible to buy. With the exception of extremely rare runs of hunting ammo, every other bullet in this caliber is imported. All ammunition in the country was either surplus or new-production Russian ammunition.  

How can Americans have a right to keep and bear arms if the President can ban an entire caliber of ammunition?

That's a trick question. As long as the President can ban entire classes of firearms and ammunition, the 2nd Amendment doesn't mean anything.

Obama tried something similar. He tried to ban most Russian ammo imports. We bombarded Congress with close to a half-million FaxBlasts and we put a stop to the Obama ammo ban.

Now, you must do it again!

Please, you must join today's urgent FaxBlast and STOP Joe Biden from banning ammunition imports before it's too late!

In just a little over three weeks, this ammo ban goes into effect. The ammo that has already been imported is already flying off the shelf. Millions of Americans are about to be cut off from ammunition they need to train and use their firearms, and millions of gun owners will be priced out of the shooting sports.

Because the Russian government allegedly poisoned a Russian politician, Biden has now declared that Americans cannot have access to the most popular and affordable guns and ammo on the market. That is actually the excuse that Biden is using...

This has nothing to do with sanctions against Russia. This is just a naked attempt to disarm the American people. 

This CANNOT be allowed to go into effect!

Please, you must join today's urgent FaxBlast and STOP Joe Biden from banning ammunition imports before it's too late!

Stop Biden's Ammo Ban!

Max McGuire
Conservative Daily